Upcoming talks

Most of these events coincide with the publication of The Water Book. Buy tickets on the festival or institution websites, via the links below.


Royal Institution

  • Royal Institution Albemarle St London United Kingdom

Tickets: £12/£8/£6 (free to members)
Book here: http://www.rigb.org.uk/whats-on/events-2015/may/public-water--the-strangest-molecule-in-the-universe

Water may seem ordinary – it pours from our taps and falls from the sky – but you would be surprised at what a profoundly strange substance it is. It expands when it cools; hot water water freezes faster than cold water; it defies the usual rules of chemistry.

Without its rebel behaviour, though, none of us would exist. The Water Book will change the way you look at our most ordinary substance. Water has shaped life on Earth, we look for it on other planets as a potential sign of life and this simple molecule connects you and everyone else to the birth (and death) of the universe.